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ariana grande’s brother sure is a piece of shit

I saw someone in the tag say that they don’t understand the thirst for Derrick. Derrick may not be ‘hot’ but he’s attractive because he’s a grown man who seems hardworking and very loyal to his wife and daughter. Derrick is controlling 90% of the house right now without getting jury blood on his hands like Dan did. I don’t watch live feeds but i’ve never seen someone say that Derrick is being nasty or playing dirty. Plus his attitude and the way he talks is sexy. Derrick has been my fave since pre season but I didn’t think he’d be doing so well. I’m #teamderrick all the way.


Allison Grodner: Frankie Grande? image

I love me some Derrick!

Caleb really does look sexy with that hat tho!

Frankie is so FAKE!

I want to like Caleb sometimes but I just can’t.


Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago!

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